Custom Ear Plugs

Ear plugs for swimming, noise protection, industrial settings, recreational or instrumental use are becoming a more frequently sought after accessory.

Acoustic Health’s Custom Earplugs are made from a high medical grade silicone which is hard wearing yet still soft, pliable and provide you with the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction throughout their lifetime, the Earplugs will provide you years of use. They are a class 5 hearing protector and are made on the spot taking about 10 minutes to mould and are usually ready for use within 30 minutes, larger groups may take longer. Finished Plug 2

They can be made with or without handles and a neck cord to keep them together as a pair and will not interfere if you wear glasses or head protection. With several colour choices to choose from and the benefits of Insta-Mold® you will love these earplugs for years to come and can be used for Industry, motorcycle riders, motor sports, sleeping, shooting, swimming, relaxation, concerts and general hearing protection.


A number of the population – mostly children – are prone to outer and middle ear infections. Custom earplugs are a comfortable and easy way to put your mind to rest, ensuring no water will enter the ears whilst swimming or bathing, allowing for normal activities to continue without too much interruption.  For extra added protection you can also wear a head-wrap to help keep the plugs in place (a great comforter for use with young children).

Earplugs 1Industry/Noise Protection

Attenuating noise levels at frequencies that cause Noise Induced Hearing Loss, custom earplugs will continue to allow speech sounds to come through without interference and reduction of safety in noisy workplace environments.  Whilst the initial outlay may be a little more than you would normally spend on the disposables, the long-term financial benefits will certainly outweigh this disadvantage.  Custom earplugs have been successfully implemented into large factory settings with successful results.

For a cost comparison between disposable foam plugs and Custom earmolds, see the table below:

# of Employees Cost/DayFoam Plugs Cost/Year Costs 2 years Total Costs Insta-Mold’s Savings 1 Year Savings 2 Years
1 $0.75 $180.00 $360.00 $65.00 $115.00 $295.00
25 $18.75 $4,500.00 $9,000.00 $1,625.00 $2,875.00 $7,375.00
50 $37.50 $9,000.00 $18,000.00 $3,250.00 $5,750.00 $14,750.00


Custom earmolds can be made to connect to 2-way radio systems, for use in Security, Motorbike riders, and iPod or MP3 players.  Extra costs may be associated to adapt the system required to suit your needs.