At Acoustic Health Swan Hill, Kerang & Sea Lake – we provide hearing tests for, Personal, Medical and Employment assessments.  A full report will be sent to your GP or Specialist if requested or required (as determined by the audiometric results).

We specialise in full hearing assessments, free hearing services for all Pensioners and Veterans, provision and servicing of all makes and models of hearing aids, Hearing Aid selection, fitting and hearing rehabilitation programs, tinnitus management and counselling, alternate listening devices including amplified phones & TV headphones also available.

Hearing Assessment

A hearing assessment is a test to determine a degree of hearing loss – or lack of.  In most cases where hearing loss is present, hearing aid amplification can help – however occasionally Medical or Specialist intervention may be required and the loss may be rectified or improved.  Before you purchase a hearing aid, we need to determine if you actually need one.  Just because you are having difficulty in some situations or family and friends are saying you have a problem, isn’t enough information to decide if a hearing aid is needed.  A full and comprehensive hearing assessment needs to be performed along with analysis of the results to determine if your hearing difficulty can be fixed, medically, surgically, with a hearing aid, by changing the way you communicate, or a combination of the above.

A full hearing test will take approximately 1 hour.  A free assessment is also offered however this is purely a screening test and only tells us if there is a hearing loss present – not which is the best way to overcome the difficulties the loss may present.

For those who are applying for a new job, or work in a noisy industry (Manufacturing/Farming/Building etc) Work Safe regulations require hearing assessments for employees every 2 years or sooner (as determined by the employer and or the levels of noise exposure over a period of time).  We provide a fast and efficient hearing screening for employees at a minimal cost and results can be emailed directly to the requesting company.


A hearing assessment doesn’t only look at what sounds you can hear and the pitch, but also how you are discriminating speech.  The test results allow us to determine if you require a hearing aid and what style and features would best suit your hearing levels, lifestyle, listening needs and budget.

Programming & Fitting

For the majority of people who choose to wear a hearing aid it is about choosing the right technology and changing their communication patterns.  This is virtually impossible to do by yourself.  The hearing aid needs to be custom programmed to match your prescription and fitted to your ear-shape for the utmost comfort.  You will also receive instructions on how to use and maintain the hearing aid, plus how it works and the different functions and features so you can get the best outcome.

Adjustments and Rehabilitation

Hearing aids do not fix your hearing problem.  Your nervous system needs time to adapt again to amplified sound and the noisy environments we live in, such as background noise at a café.  This can sometimes be a lengthy process requiring several visits to the clinic for adjustments and counselling.  This is not dissimilar to physiotherapy after an injury.  If you haven’t done anything about your hearing for a long time (on average we take 7-10 years to seek help for a hearing impairment), you brain will have forgotten how to process auditory information and needs time to relearn.

Just as your vision prescription changes over time, so does your hearing, so your device requires frequent adjustments to match these changes.  Hearing aids are one for the few health choices where you can try-before-you-buy and we provide a 60 day trail period, allowing you to make a fully informed decision about the cost and effectiveness of your hearing aids.